Environmental Awareness Packaging

In times of growing environmental awareness and social responsibility we decided to use jewelry boxes made from renewable resources. Attention is increasingly turning to biodegradability and environmentally-friendly materials. Thats why we use Bioplastic boxes - made from 100% plant.

Bioplastic - plastics originated using regrown raw materials. They are biodegradable and decompose to non artifactual innocuous base products. Plastics made from plants, can be processed and used like plastics but unlike conventional plastics they can be composted or used thermally after usage. Even the thermal recycling of plastic, on the basis of renewable raw materials, makes sense: CO2 - neutral energy can be generated.

The world‘s first jewelry packaging made of 100% compostable bioplastic! GreenPACK by Leser GmbH, made in Germany.

The benefits: Generated from plants - renewable raw materials - sufficiently availThe box material and colors are biodegradable and compostable Conservation of natural resources, i. e. fossil mineral oilProblem of competition for land: only 0.35% of the total worldwide cultivable land available would be needed of all plastics were converted to PLA. (vgl. Plastic Europe)