MOSIKS  is the new unique jewelry line created by the former professional fencer Monika Sozanska. 

MONIKA:  "MOSIKS draws its inspiration from the core values of fencing: bravery, elegance and resilience. The jewelry is designed around the shapes of an fencing blade. My goal is to empower women around the world, just like my blade empowered me. I want my clients to carry with them a token of strength that will bring them closer to their dreams."

Fencing is a traditional and graceful sport, requiring courage, elegance, creativity, the power of faith, and belief that nothing is impossible. The collections are influenced by the symbols of fencing and the inherent design of the equipment.

If you break an epee weapon, the cross-section is reminiscent of a heart. This became the inspiration for part of the MOSIKS logo and the jewelry design. This is the foundation upon which the label was born. The first drafts for the designs arose in cooperation with Daan Design from Stuttgart.

Another major characteristic of the Mosiks jewelry collection is a clear and modern design ensuring each piece remains a timeless and contemporary classic. All items are handcrafted in collaboration with the valued and experienced goldsmith Werner Wochele from the german capital of jewelry, Pforzheim. The collections contain unique earrings, rings, necklaces, chokers, bracelets, and pins. All pieces are made of real precious metals such as sterling silver and gold.

Generally speaking we address customers that value quality and sustainability. This philosophy is reflected in long-lasting designs, high-grade materials and a ecologically beneficial packaging.


Monika Sozanska was born in Poland. At the age of 11, she and her family moved to Germany where she started with foil and epee fencing. 2005 she became part of the German National Women’s Epee Fencing Team. She is a professional fencer, an Olympian, but her other passion has always been art.

Monika paints and sculpts to help keep a healthy balance to the extreme pressures she faces as a professional athlete. She studied fine art and economics. She graduated with a diploma from the Cooperative State University in Heidenheim and a BA degree from the Open University of London, but was always more driven to create art. She is fascinated by the process leading from design to the tangible expression of that design in the form of jewelry.

Her sport has allowed her to travel the world and she is fluent in three languages. Her experiences in other countries and interactions with people of different cultures on a regular basis has had a profound influence on her work.
She founded MOSIKS to unite her greatest passions into one, and express her love for fencing

Environmental Awareness Packaging

In times of growing environmental awareness and social responsibility we decided to use jewelry boxes made from renewable resources. Attention is increasingly turning to biodegradability and environmentally-friendly materials. Thats why we use Bioplastic boxes - made from 100% plant.